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About Sonaer Ultrasonic Technology

Sonaer inc. was established in 1989 in the state of New York. In the begining the company designed and manufactured line replacable units (LRU) for the airline industry, department of defense and held a number of FAA PMA certificates. While manufacturing the aircraft equipment to high quality standards, the owner decided in 2000 to further develop technology learned back in the 80's and designed an isolated flow through ultrasonic atomizer nozzle for spraying micron and sub-micron droplets. These droplets from the nozzles are smaller, more uniform and are ideal for precision spray coating medical devices, substrates and the like, with very little overspray, saving the customer time and cost.

With introduction of the first two types of spray nozzles, narrow and wide, the company saw a need to develop nozzles that will perform in environments with elevated temperatres. The first of this series was made for a government contract that used JP8 jet fuel with metal particles burned in an environmental chamber, these nozzles are labeled our HT series nozzle in the website. Following these nozzles came our wide spray type with extension for spraying into vials and then our radial flow for spraying onto the side walls of tubes.

Seeing the need for new nozzle designs wasn't enough. The company's engineers integrated nozzles to robots for spraying catheters, stents, substrates, medical cartridges, corrosive chemicals, polymers, glues, oils, fluoropolymers, BCT to name a few applications. With all the available methods for nozzles the customer increased productivity and saved cost. Engineers also designed a computerized ultrasonic generator with GUI interface for handling all the operating conditions, heating, cold, pressure and load during nozzle operation. With this in mind Sonaer has developed the first atomizer generator with features to help the customer with all possible coating techniques. One feature found on our generator is a TURBO option. This option boost the power to the atomizer nozzle for viscous solutions like oils, glues, polymers. Another feature we developed is Auto Atomization Power Adjust (AAPA), this function helps the customer with microliter flows or shots, keeping the spray uniform and continuous. Still another feature is our Constant Power which is useful for precision coatings. All functions of the equipment can be accessed through a computer port at the back of the machine for complete control of the process and is easily written by a software design engineer.

All of Sonaer's ultrasonic equipment is state-of-the-art and incorporates many years of technical know-how which is exclusively proprietary to Sonaer, Inc. The company is one of the few ultrasonic companies in the United States that specializes, designs, develops and manufacturers sonic atomizers, cavitation devices and miniature chemically inert nebulizers for processing liquids using ultrasonic technology. Products are sold to universities, US government agencies, and research facilities all over the world.

Technology is not limited to the above products and new designs encompass many of the principals and properties of ultrasonics.

Sonaer ultrasonic atomizer nozzles and generator is the best value for state-of-the-art equipment proudly made in the United States of America.

Made in the United States of America