Disinfect spaces and eliminate 99.9% of Covid-19 and all variants with the

Nano-Particle-Generator (NPG).

Made in the United States of America

Advanced particle disbursement of nano and micron droplets formed from FDA approved hypochlorous acid (500ppm FAC) and the like. The unit is computer controlled made from stainless steel with chemically inert components. Operation is simple, fill external container with solution, set time to run for fifteen minutes and nano killing particles will fill areas. Droplets will seek corners of rooms, under chairs and desks, computer keyboards, electrical outlets, books, equipment, rugs, floors, walls, doorknobs, keyholes, everywhere. The droplets made from this machine are small enough to pass through cloth, medical masks, travel through and around doorways and coat surfaces.

The NPG is great and effective for:

● Hospital Rooms

● Emergency Areas

● Operating Rooms

● Doctor Offices

● Clinics

● Hotel Rooms

● Locker Rooms

● Garages

● Bathrooms

● Work Areas

● Office Space

● Restaurants

● Kitchens

● Arenas

● Stadiums

● Aircraft

● Trains

● Automobiles

● Tents

● Schools

● Classrooms

● Gyms

● Subway Stations

● Kills Mold from Floods

● Kills All Viruses

● Department Stores

● Shops

While operating the NPG, areas look like London and will dissipate and clear after about 5-10 minutes after cycle is complete, killing 99.9% of viruses. Environmentally safe for people and pets.