Sonaer Spraying Equipment

VMD Droplet Simulator

Sonaer introduces new for 2018 our propriety Volume Mean Diameter (VMD) droplet simulator built-in all ultrasonic power generators. Using the droplet simulator, customer's are able to select and change values for viscosity, surface tension and density of solutions being analyzed. During nozzle operation, our software in real-time compiles the information and displays droplet size on the generators screen. This is useful for fine tuning particle size for thin film coatings and research for specialized processes requiring precise droplet size, uniformity and quality. Generators can be used as a stand alone or integrated into any bench top coating system or specialized stent, blood collection tube and balloon catheter medical coating machines.

As with many features programmed into our atomizer, Sonaer is leading the way with innovative ideas and the first to provide a VMD simulator for all process using ultrasonic technology.